first post in a while which consists of exactly 60 photos from an assortment of different things. put your reading glasses on because photo commentary is at an all-time high this time around.

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“theres no other way… bassett hound.”
a new film camera! more film shots! some digital shots! some random thoughts thrown in. its like a party of good things =] WARNING: high picture file count!

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im j.tohlen. this is a photoblog of random thoughts normally inspired by random-ish pictures. but its not limited to being just that.

im a junior in college with a graphic design major and christian studies and mass communications minors. i worked in my schools photolab for three years. i try NOT to be a portrait photographer. im aiming more on the photojournalist side.

bodies: nikon d70, nikon FE, nikkormat ft2
lenses: sigma 30/1.4 DC HSM, nikkor S.C 50/1.4, nikkor 24-120/3.5-5.6
other: sb-600 speedlight, 400 tmax and 400 tri-x, cheap color film